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For Sale

In between building custom guitars for my clients, I like to reserve some time for building guitars "on spec." I make these to please myself; often in order to try out some new wood, or process, or a design idea. I also build "spec" guitars to show at festivals or exhibitions. A few get held back as demonstrators, or in order to experiment with tweaks and upgrades, or just so I can get to know them better and hear them as they age. When I am ready to sell these guitars, I either place them with a few selected retailers, or put them up on this page.

My "Performance" guitars also will appear here. These guitars are not available through any retail store and cannot be custom ordered. Selling these guitars directly to players helps me to keep the price to a minimum.

Walnut SSD

Guitars shown on this page have the advantage of being immediately available. Before I ship, I need to receive the full purchase price plus the shipping cost. I offer a three day trial period with a guaranty of satisfaction. The only risk to a buyer is the cost of round-trip shipping.

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